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Trentino - where the mountains meet the sky

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Castles, lakes, deer and the finest wine you've ever drunk. Man and nature combine to perfection in Trentino-Alto Adige.

TrentinoEvery hour of every day of every month of every year - nature reigns supreme in Trentino. There's an incredible variety of scenery in Trentino, a kaleidoscope of colours, microclimates and views that evolve and change as we wind our way up from the verdant slopes of Lake Garda to the year-round glaciers at over 3,000 metres. A natural paradise where even a weekend is enough to regenerate you and make you want to come back for more. The valleys, forests and pastures are teeming with wildlife. According to recent estimates 23,000 roe deer, 12,000 chamois, around 100 ibex, 2,300 deer, 9,000 marmots and at least 38 mating pairs of eagles live in Trentino. And it's easy enough to spot them, too.

Take a look at Trentino's castles and lakes and you'll realise that it has been blessed by both history and nature. There are over 200 manor houses, towers and castles in the region, and many of them are now used as venues for concerts and cultural events. Some of them even offer guided tours which lead you not only through the castle's rooms and halls but also through a mysterious, and often bloody, past.
As for lakes, the are some 297 of them, that's 10% of all the lakes in the whole Alpine area and which earns Trentino its nickname of little Finland.
The waters of the area are protected which means an absence of motor boats and lots of crystal-clear waters for the windsurfers, sailors and swimmers who come here every summer. Most of the lakes are quite small and are to be found high up in the mountains where they are replenished by the melting ice and glaciers. Some of them have wonderful beaches, while Garda, the most famous of them all, boasts its own particular landscape and charm. Follow us and find out more . . .

Trentino is also famous for its wonderful wines. Whites such as Riesling, Chardonnay and Müller Thurgau, top-quality sparkling wines and full-bodied reds such as Marzemino, Teròldego, Pinot nero and Merlot are appreciated by wine buffs throughout the world, while a glass of vino santo - a desert wine - sipped at the end of the day is just what you need after a day in the open air. Vino santo (holy wine) is made by leaving the grapes to dry on wooden grids until Easter when the wine is traditionally made.
Last, but not least, come the grappas, clear liqueurs flavoured with local herbs and berries such as rue, gentian, wild strawberries and raspberries. Each flavour giving you a taste of Trentino throughout the seasons.

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