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Balsamic Modena

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Modena is home to Ferrari, Pavarotti and that king of condiments - balsamic vinegar. Join the foodies at Balsamica 2001 and discover just what it is that makes balsamic vinegar so very, very special.

vinegarModena has many culinary tricks up its sleeve but none quite so delicious as balsamic vinegar, a heavenly concoction made from unfermented white grapes which can command hundreds of dollars from connoisseurs. Gourmets and epicures should make their way to the North Italian city where three heady weeks of ‘Balsamica 2001' await them. The show, which starts on May 12th and continues until June 3rd,includes exhibitions, tours and tastings all in honour of the dark brown gold.

aceto balsamicoBalsamic vinegar is made from the juice of local white grapes. The juice (called must) is then reduced to a third of its original volume, fermented and left to age in larch casks for up to 100 years before it makes its way onto our tables as a flavouring for salads, vegetable dishes and even ice-cream and strawberries! Those of you lucky enough to visit Modena during Balsamica 2001 will get the chance to taste the divine liquid in all its variations when fifty of Modena's top restaurants will organise theme menus and evenings. If you don't feel ready for a fully blown vinegar-based meal, don't worry, just a few feet from Modena's landmark Duomo two of the city's best-loved bars, ‘Caffè dell’Orologio’ and ‘Schiavoni’, will hold day-long balsamic vinegar tasting sessions.

Pavarotti & FriendsIf you prefer to combine your balsamic tour with something a little more cultural then plan your visit to Modena for May 29th, the date of the by-now-traditional ‘Pavarotti & Friends’ benefit concert.
Be warned, traffic may be heavy.

vinegarIf you're already a fan of balsamic vinegar and are pining for your next taste of it then make the most of the Internet and order some to be delivered straight to your kitchen door: l’Acetaia dei fratelli Gorrieri and Genesini are two of our favourites. Buon Appetito!

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