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Antonio Berardi where tradition meets trend

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Fashion's hottest star artfully mixes Italian craftsmanship with English rigour for third millennium glamour

Antonio Berardi Glamour - following the dictates of turn-of-the-millennium fashion - and pure imagination are the trademarks of Anglo-Italian fashion designer Antonio Berardi. Berardi, the latest bright young thing in the world of high fashion and better known as Posh Spice's favourite designer, successfully mixes his Italian creativity with a more English sense of rigour and austerity.

BerardiBerardi, who designs for the Exté label, first became famous with his own label. He trained in London but has inherited the Italian love of craftsmanship as can be seen in his latest collection, a veritable journey through Italian-made handcrafts. His clothes aren't for everyday use but you'll be guaranteed to turn head s when you don them for that special occasion. Such as the exquisite bobbin lace dress made from lace which was crafted by 14 skilled lacemakers in the small town of Offida in the Marches, famous for its lace production. Scintillating crystal corsets made from hand-blown Murano glass, hats made from exclusive Capodimonte porcelain, not to mention sexy straw dresses made by expert craftsmen in Appignano near Macerata.
And it doesn't stop here. . . Berardi's creations also include a luxurious beaded jacket, wooden bags with delicate inlays and a magnificent mediaeval gown crafted by Federico Fellini's very own wardrobe assistant. Complete the look with sculptured stilettos in 18-carat gold and a hand-painted leather jacket.

Antonio Berardi Although Berardi was born and bred in Britain he has relied on his Italian roots when setting up his company. All production of Berardi's lines is handled by Itc in Bologna (a part of the fashion group IT holding), distribution is through L.A. in Milan while Berardi's latest venture, Antonio Berardi Maglie, a contemporary knitwear line, is manufactured by Paima, a knitwear specialist from Osimo, near Ancona.
However Berardi learnt his most important lesson from the English designer and international fashion guru John Galliano, who advised him to pursue his dreams without listening to others. Going by the results this certainly seems to work . . .

Exte'.it - - The official website of the Italian fashion house.

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