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The Ducati Story

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As Valentino Rossi and Max Biaggi limber up for another season of motorcycle magic we pay homage to one of the greatest manufacturers of all time. Join us as we visit Bologna's Ducati Museum.

The Ducati Story Thirty-year-old Marco Montemaggi is the envy of males (and females) the world over. When legendary motorbike manufacturer Ducati approached him about setting up an official museum for their bikes Montemaggi couldn't believe his ears.
Now, just three years later, Montemaggi's museum houses an unrivalled selection of vintage Ducatis. Though he met with some resistance at the start . . .

"Collectors - explains Montemaggi on the Ducati site - are very attached to their bikes, rightly so since many racing models are one-off pieces. We found at least two of the bikes in the museum in pride of place in their owner's bedrooms!"

There are more than fifty years of Ducati bikes in the museum, many of them highly sought-after models. Enthusiasts will remember the ‘Cucciolo’ (or Puppy), which was first produced in 1946 and did a remarkable 225 miles to the gallon. Then there's the ‘750 Imola Desmo’, possibly the most famous bike in the world. It is best-known, and named after, its victory with Paul Smart and Bruno Spaggiari in the 1972 Imola 200 mile race - one of the most spectacular races in the history of the sport.

The museum's success is reflected in the cycle (no pun intended!) of bike-themed conferences it runs along with some of the most prestigious international universities and design institutes. Fifteen conferences have been held so far in France, Spain, Portugal, England and the US.
"It's satisfying to see - concludes Montemaggi - that since we opened the Ducati Museum many other Italian companies have started to follow suit."

Visit the Ducati Museum in:
Via Cavalieri Ducati, 3
Borgo Panigale (Bologna)
Tel. +39-051-6413111, Fax +39-051-6413113

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